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VTP 2021 Virtual Run – Route Description

Start – Central Pier 9 (Big Wheel)

Finish – High West (Victoria Peak)


Open  Space  outside  Central Pier No. 9 (Starting Point) > run toward Pier 10 & right turn to Yiu Sing Street > left turn to Lung Wo Road > go into the Tamar Park > right turn & back to the other side of Lung Wo Road > keep going to Edinburgh Place > left turn to the Subway linking to Edinburgh Place and Chater  Road


At the traffic light, cross the road to the opposite side of Chater Road > turn left and run along Chater Road > the end of Chater Road turn right & go up the footbridge across Queensway > carry on to Garden Road > instead of enter the Cheung Kong Park, go up to the footbridge across Garden Road > turn left and pass the Champion Tower > go up the footbridge across Cotton Tree Drive > cross the footbridge and enter the Hong Kong Park


Turn left and carry on toward to the Museum of Tea Ware > pass the fountain plaza > leave the park and turn right to Supreme Court Road > keep running on the right hand side of Supreme Court Road and pass British Council > go up the Justice Drive > at the top of the drive go up steps to Kennedy Road


Turn left at the top of steps & running along Kennedy Road > Carefully cross Kennedy Road & go up the Bowen Drive > go up to the Bowen Road car park > turn right and run along to the end of Bowen Road > turn right and go down along Magazine Gap Road > keep going down along Garden Road > at Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Headquarters, carefully cross Macdonnell Road > go up the footbridge across Garden Road > enter the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens > pass the fountain terrace garden > leave the garden & Carefully cross the Albany Road > enter the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens


Leave the garden (OVT Michelia alba) go up the Glenealy > carefully go up zigzag steps to Conduit Road (don’t enter to the path leading to Robinson Road)


At the beginning of Conduit Road, keep on running along on the pavement > pay attention to car park of buildings along Conduit Road (where car enters or leaves the car park) > after passing the Castle Road, Carefully corss the road at #39 to the opposite side of the Conduit Road > carry on running along the pavement of Conduit Road


At the end of Conduit Road & the bottom of Hatton Road > go up the Lung Fu Shan Morning Trail (Hatton Road) > pass Lung Fu Shan Country Park Picnic Shelters & carry on going up along the pavement of Hatton Road


At the top of Hatton Road (Harlech Road and Lugard Road circular walk), turn left & enter the Treacherous Trail leading to Mount High West > go up steps to the top of  Mount High West viewing point (Finishing Point)                         

*Whole run will be on pavement area with no carriageway involved*


*Runners please pay attention to the traffic regulations & should be ultra-careful as traffic is unlikely to be expecting runners" 

Video of the route (from Pier 9 to High West)

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