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Runner is required to complete the VTP course in one run.


Runner is allowed to take part as many attempts in order to achieve the best result.


Runner is requested to upload the following info to the designated website,

  1. The time record of your electronic devices (watch or smartphone)

  2. The route map on your run

  3. The photo at the Start (The Wheel at Pier 9)

  4. The photo at the Finish (The High West) 

Prize for Winner

The 1st finisher of each category will receive a pair of Hoka trail running shoes


The 2nd & 3rd finisher of each category will receive a Progear cash coupon

Special Award

A pair of Hilly Sports Socks will given to the elite runner,

Elite Men – finished within 60 minutes

Elite Women – finished within 75 minutes

Award for All

All finishers will receive a finisher medal from mid May to mid June, and the digital certificate

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