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Frequently Asked Questions about the Race

1) What level of fitness do I have to be to run in VTP?

VTP is open to runners who are physically fit and beyond the beginner's stage as a runner as the course is relatively demanding with over 800 metres of elevation gain. This is a demanding course and those who are not physically fit must not participate.

2) Do I have to memorise the race route?

No. Race marshals will post along the race route to point runners in the right direction. But it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the route in advance.

3) Will there be water stations along the race route?

Yes. Three first-aid and water stations are available en route at Bowen Road, Hatton Road and Harlech Road.

Water station #1 (Bowen Road car park ~5km)

Water station #2 (Hatton Road ~ 7.8km)

Water station #3 (West junction of Lugard Road & Harlech Road ~ 9.5km)

4) Is there a cut-off time to complete the race?

Yes. The cut-off time to complete the entire race is 2 hours. Our race sweepers and race officials can advise you with your options should you have any difficulties finishing the race.

5) Will the race route be cordoned off to traffic?

The race route is not closed to members of the public and involves crossing roads used by vehicles. All runners are expected to observe traffic signals and rules, follow the directions of police and race officials and show consideration to others. Runners are responsible for their own safety.

6) What do I need to bring with me to the race?


You can also bring a small bag to put all your personal belongings e.g. change of clothes etc. VTP organisers will provide storage for your personal belongings and transport them to the finish line for collection immediately after the race. The organisers will make every effort to ensure tight security but cannot be held responsible for damage or missing items. You are therefore advised against leaving any valuables in storage.

Drinks will be provided at three water stations intervals along the race route.


Limited supply of paper cup will be provided, runner is highly advised to bring with his/her own plastic cup or water bottle to refill.

Please bring some spare change for public transport in the event you decided not to finish the race.

7) Will refreshment be provided?

Refreshment such as coffee and tea, snack and fruits will provide to all finishers.

8) What's the likelihood of the race being called off because of the weather?

In the event of Red, Black Rainstorm, Thunderstorm or T8 warning is either hoisted or expected by 6am on race day, the event may be cancelled. Announcement will be made through SMS and Facebook should that happen. Event entry fees will not be refunded. Participants will be informed by email should the race event be rescheduled to another date.

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